Monday, October 22, 2012

Importance of First Aid Certification and Its Application

A number of companies, private institutions and government colleges offer first aid certification courses. There are a number of options to choose from and it is important to do the right course. If you're unsure about which certification to go for, you should consider first aid courses that adhere to the guidelines of Red Cross, Health and Human Services, American Heart Association, Occupational safety and Health Administration. First aid courses, which are in relation to these guidelines, are recognized and accepted by various health facilities and credential services. A first aid certification course enables a person to carry out CPR under medical emergencies.
Once the certification course has been completed, a person will have to appear for the final examination. A candidate, who passes the examination, will be provided with a Diploma and a wallet card, which will state that the person is trained in basic life support system. The certification courses come with an expiration period of usually two years. This is because the protocols are changed from time to time. It is necessary for the professional to re-qualify for the changes that have been carried out. Many companies and institutes provide the facility of upgrading a first aid certification without any extra charge.
The first aid certification will help a person become aware of serious conditions, such as accidents, medical emergencies, live support and casualty management. Apart from this, the other important benefits that a first aid certification can give you are as follows:
1. Fire Safety Knowledge: With a proper first aid course, you will have the ability to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and implement automated external defibrillator right at home or in any other emergency situations. It is a common act of accidents involving children and infants at home. The first aid certification will help a person perform necessary procedures with efficiency until further help arrives.
2. Be Safe and Keep Others Safe: Natural disasters are always a serious threat. The first aid kit contains all the necessary supplies and materials that can be used under any emergency situation. With a first aid certification, a person will be in a position to save many lives by properly using the first aid kit.
3. Always Be Ready: According to a survey, only one third of the people would actually know how to react in an event of choking or tragic circumstances. However, first aid certified professionals have the efficiency and confidence to perform a right thing in the right way under any stressful situation. The training course involves the use of physical skills and knowledge to overcome a threatening situation. Hence, a person with a first aid certification knows exactly what he or she has to do under an emergency situation. This prevents elevation of the problem and protects a person's life.
It is unethical to perform first aid without proper training. An inappropriate action can further elevate the problem of the victim rather than rectifying it. A first aid certification course will be extremely helpful for a person to act in a life-threatening situation with perfection, accuracy and patience. The certification will provide the necessary training and knowledge that will prepare a person to handle any kind of emergency and protect one's life.

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